Welcome To Our Website!

In a world that is consumed with its own interests, the importance of Church often takes a backseat.  After all, we work hard, care for our families, and our time is very precious.  We all feel the pressures of life and want to make the most of the time that we have available.  Life might best be summarized for some as the effort to make every moment count—especially with those that we cherish most. 

In this same vein, you might find it interesting to know that we at Golden Isles Baptist Church (GIBC) want to make every moment count too.  We are not a Church that seeks to simply fill an hour of your time each Sunday, but we are a fellowship that seeks to offer our members and visitors a “life changing” experience each and every time our doors are open.  Church should not be about “sermonettes” or motivational speeches, but about sharing the life changing truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If you are tired of gimmicks and are looking for something real, or if you are simply a seeker and wish to hear what Jesus has to say about life and our relationship to/with God (whatever your situation), GIBC has a place for you!  Please take the time to look over our website and even listen to a sermon or two. Should you then have any questions we would love to hear from you.  Otherwise, we would be honored to have you visit with us and experience our family of love for yourself.

“A New Church With A Fresh Vision”

Everyone is welcome at GIBC.  It does not matter where you come from, the experiences of your past, or the struggles that you face today –  GIBC is interested in you and your spiritual development.  We work hard to make everyone feel welcome and part of what God is doing in our Church and community. 

What you can expect from our family –

 Expect to feel loved and important.

Expect to find a place of belonging.

Expect God’s Word to come alive in your life.

Expect to experience a true and living Savior –  Jesus Christ.

Expect to be encouraged but also challenged in your Christian walk.

Expect to use your unique and important gifts/talents for God’s Kingdom.

Expect for God to use you to make a difference in our world.

 So, whatever the reason that you may find yourself without a Church family to call your own, I would ask you to prayerfully consider visiting our family.  We have ministries and programs designed for all ages.  Whether you are a Senior Saint or have a little one who has just come into this wonderful world, we have a place for you.  Come as you are, no need to try and impress anyone.  You will find people dressed in everything from suits to blue jeans.  Just like Jesus, we are not interested in what you have or how you are dressed, but we are very much interested in you!  Please accept this as a personal invitation to experience what God is doing in our fellowship.

Hope to see you soon,

Pastor Shane